Elk Hunting: Information

Elk Hunting: Archery

Our hunts take place in GMU’s 13,15, 16a, 16d, 17 and 23 (Drop camps in 16b wilderness area). We have consistently produced an average of 45%- 50% success rate (way above the state average) with 95% and sometimes 100% shot opportunity on mature bulls. Most shots are between 15-40 yards and in my professional opinion this is the best time to shoot a 350” to 400” bull. 


Elk Hunting:  Muzzleloader / Rifle

These elk hunts begin in early October and run through mid November.  All of our muzzleloader hunts take place in primitive weapon only units 13, 15 and 17. These areas haven’t been hunted with a rifle in over 30 years and this has dramatically influenced the age class of the animals available. Our rifle hunts coincide with our muzzleloader hunts and take place in GMU’s 16a, 16d, and 23. We also offer drop camps in unit 16b wilderness area. These rifle areas have been producing some absolute giants over the last several years due to low volume of tag availability. Our muzzleloader/rifle hunters have consistently produced an average of 75% success rate and a 95%-100% shot opportunity.


All of our hunts are conducted on public land. Tags are drawn through NM Game and Fish lottery pool. If unsuccessful in the draw, we offer guaranteed unit wide landowner vouchers.


2019 Elk Success