General Info

Additional Information


  • Our lodge located in Reserve, New Mexico
  • Wall Tents (depending on unit)


We will provide transportation to and from hunting area. We will be accessing our hunting areas by 4x4 Pickup trucks and ATV’s.  All of our hunting will be done on foot once we reach our designated hunting area.


Experienced cook will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for duration of the hunt starting ½ a day before the hunt and ½ a day after.

Trophy Care

We will take care of caping of the animal, quartering of the meat, packing out of the animal via ATV's or horseback, and cooling of the meat (walk-in-cooler). We do have a local processor for an additional price.

Professional Guides

We offer one (1) experienced guide per two (2) hunters or one (1) experienced guide per one (1) hunter. Our elk hunts take place in the one and only Gila and Apache National Forests of Southwestern New Mexico. Our many years of hunting experience in these areas, along with awesome genetics have enabled our clients to consistently enjoy exceptional success rates on World-Class animals. In our opinion, this is the finest public land hunting in the world, as record books will verify.

License Fees

  • Elk: Standard MB- $555 Quality & High Demand MB- $780
  • Deer: Standard-$290 Quality or High Demand -$375
  • Bear: (Over the Counter) $260